Robotic Knee Joint Replacement

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Robotic Knee Joint Replacement

Noble Hospital is 1st in South east Pune,  2nd in Maharashtra and 8 th in the World to have this Robotic machine. Noble Hospital pune pioneered Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Pune.

The new technology is advanced in the way orthopaedic surgeons perform partial knee replacement. The system works in conjunction with the surgeon’s skilled hands to achieve the precise positioning of the knee implant based on each patient’s unique Anatomy. This added level of accuracy and can help to improve the function, feel and potential longevity of the partial knee implant.

The new technology provides robotic assistance through an advanced computer program that relays precise information about your knee to a robotics-assisted hand piece used by the surgeon during the procedure.

By collecting patient-specific information, the surgeon is able to establish special boundaries for the robotics-assisted hand piece to assist in removing the damaged surfaces of your knee, balance your joint, and position the implant with accuracy and precision. Advanced planning software allows the surgeon to tailor the procedure to each patient.

The benefits of this surgery is

  • Less Blood Loss
  • High Accuracy
  • Fewer medicines
  • Reduces Pain
  • Less Hospital Stay
  • Minimal Infection Rate
  • Fast Recovery
  • Save Knee Caps Damage

The future of Knee Replacement is now here at Noble Hospital.

We have a centre of merit for the Anaesthesia Department which provides special anaesthetic techniques with combined spinal-epidural anaesthesia and nerve blocks that enable us to offer knee replacement to the elderly with co-existing multiple medical disease conditions.

We have a STATE OF ART Physiotherapy Department with a dynamic exercise module designed by an expert team including surgeons, physicians, and physios.



Dr Rohit Luthra

Dr. Rohit Luthra

D Ortho DNB Ortho MNAMS – Germany, (Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgeon) (Knee & Hip)
Dr Aniket Patil joints replacement

Dr. Aniket Patil

MBBS, MS (Ortho)
Dr Anand Jadhav – Best Joint Replacement Hospital in Pune

Dr. Anand Jadhav

MBBS, FRCS, M Ch Ortho, D Ortho. (Orthopaedic Surgeon)
Dr Nakul Shah | Joint Replacement Surgeon in Pune

Dr Nakul Shah

Joint Replacement & Reconstructive Surgeon M.S. (ORTH), D.N.B. (ORTH), M.N.A.M.S., F.I.C.S., F.I.A.S., F.A.I.F. (Australia),FRAS (Sgp), Fellowship in Arthroplasty ( Joint Replacement ) Fellowship in Joint Replacement at Belgium and USA


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