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Our Centre is state of the art centre of excellence for Advance foot care and Artificial Limbs.


We provide treatment for all foot pathologies through conservative means using imported podo technology from France which works on the latest dilatancy principle of impression taking, digital footscan & neuropathic & proprioception examination and helps us to correctly diagnose the problem. The treatment can be undertaken for Diabetic foot, arthritic foot, Flat foot, collapsed/ pronated foot, sports injured foot or pain from any kind of foot Problem. We provide relief from foot problem by means of totally customized foot orthoses, footwear modification or customized footwear. The design of the insole is completely custom made as per each individual’s foot pathology, weight bearing pattern, activity level.

We Provide Artificial Limbs for every level of amputation. We fit artificial limbs of various category right starting from basic category such as jaipur foot to the most advanced Bionic limb both for Lower and upper extremity amputation. Our prices for Artificial limbs are most competitive for best available quality. The design, function and price of the artificial limb are decided after complete physical, clinical and social assessment of the patient. Our motive is rehabilitating the patient into his social environment to the best of his potential and desire.

We also provide most advanced Orthotic & Mobility aids solutions available for each & every orthopedic & neuromuscular disorder. All these services are provided by Qualified, certified and experienced professionals in the field of Prosthetics & Orthotics. It will be our great pleasure to serve your patients if given the opportunity to do so. It is our gentle effort to provide proper physical rehabilitation facilities to the people with disability which is their right as well.

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