• Blood Bank

Blood donation leaves us with a proud feeling of saving someone's life in a beautiful way. It's an experience that no words can define. Donating blood is very safe and simple. We only use sterile disposable blood collection bags and needles. Our blood is fully equipped to perform various tests & to preserve blood & its components for longer duration.

Blood has the following components and each one takes care of specific needs.

Red Blood Cells :- RBCs are administered to replenish blood loss and is usually used to treat trauma and surgery patients.

Fresh Frozen Plasma :- Plasma is the liquid part of the blood. It is administered to patients with liver problems, burn cases etc.

Platelets :- Platelets help in clotting and are used in treatment when cuts or other open wounds occur. Leukemia, dengue and transplant patients often need platelet transfusions.

Before issuing blood to someone following test are performed in order to avoid unconsciously passing on such infections

Hepatitis B & C

Malaria Parasite


Venereal disease (Syphilis)

Blood Group

Before issuing blood, compatibility tests (cross-matching) is done

The blood bank has facility to store blood components for long time. Details are:

Whole blood can be stored for up to 35 days. The various blood components can be stored as under:

Platelet Concentrate - 5 days

Platelet Aphaerises - 5 days

Packed Cells - 42 days

Fresh Frozen Plasma - 1 year

Cryo Antihaemophilic Factor - 1 year