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Parents are the first individuals connected, attached to their off springs. The birth of a child brings much delight to the parents and family. The new born becomes the focus grabbing everyone’s attention for love and care. Care from parents, family is of one type which includes lot of affection, warmth; but infants or children also need care from a health care provider when they are young.

The health care service provider in pune for infants or sometimes from 24 weeks gestation till they are 18 young adults, is the pediatrician. Pediatrician is the medical expert who not only treats children for ailments, but also promotes well being of children and help parents raise healthy, well-adjusted children. Pediatricians, therefore play an important role in maltreatment. Pediatricians always strive to do research finding ways for identification and management of maltreatment. Pediatrician help to strengthen family ties, promote safe, stable nurturing relationships with the aim of preventing maltreatment.

Pediatrician takes care of babies and young adults all the way up to 18 years of age, diagnose any medical condition, treat them and even run test on them if needed. Pediatrician focus on the physical, emotional, and social health of infants, children, teenagers and young adults from the time of birth till they are 21 years of age. The focus of pediatrician is developmental focus, for which they are trained in skilled assessment; the patient care lens of pediatricians is focused on prevention, detection and management of physical, behavioral, developmental and social problems which affect children.

The spectrum of harm caused due to hazardous substances in the environment can be irreversible. The substances could be allergens, ionizing radiation, toxic substances or UV rays. Pediatricians have significant role in environmental health in primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention. Primary prevention involves advice, guidance from pediatrician in Pune to prevent, reduce or mitigate the effects of hazardous substances which can have adverse effects on health; such as advice about maintain fuel burning appliances to avoid CO poisoning; chemical testing of paint for lead before children are exposed etc. Pediatrics at Noble Hospital offers services for betterment of child health through its range of clinical, academic and research activities. Know more at

Secondary prevention includes identifying and treatment of asymptomatic children who have high risk factors or preclinical form of the disease but the symptoms are not clinically apparent; example is screening of such children before symptoms are visible. Tertiary prevention is the care of established cases of the disease, preventing secondary complications; such as giving oxygen for children with symptomatic poisoning of CO. Pediatricians need to hone certain skills to prevent, lessen the effects of hazardous substances such as; recommend and develop screening practice for commonly found hazardous substances, create a complete differential analysis taking care of all environmental factors etc.

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