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We have a state of the art Neurology Department looked after by a team of the most experienced Neurologists in Pune. They have been trained in the top most Neurology Centres across the country.

Noble Hospital is equipped with one of the most advance Neurology Department in Pune catering to all neurological patients including Stroke, Epilepsy, Migraine other types of Headache Neuropathy and Multiple Sclerosis.

We have a state of the art, well managed ICU with a fully trained staff to manage all kinds of neurological emergency and complications.

Being located in a surrounding so busy, we have served patients from Pune- Solapur & Pune-Nagar highways and also nearing districts.

WE have State of ART well managed ICU with fully trained to manage all kinds of neurological emergency and complications.

WE take pride to say that we have served patients draining from Pune Sholapur & Pune Nagar highways and also nearing districts,We have advanced EEG, EMG, NCV, VEP, BAEP


  • EEG
  • EMG
  • NCV
  • VEP
  • BAEP
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Our Team – Neurologists in Pune

Dr. Shripad Pujari


Department: Neurology

Appointment : 8007006611

Profile: M.D. (Med.) D.M.DNB (neuro), MRCP (London)

Dr Sontakke Santosh

Department: Neurology

Appointment : 8007006611

Profile:MBBS DNB (Neuro)

Dr. Nilesh Palasdeokar

Department: Neurology

Appointment : 8007006611