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The birth of a baby is a wonderful yet very complex process. Many physical and emotional changes occur for mother and baby.

A baby must make many physical adjustments to life outside the mother's body. Leaving the uterus means that a baby can no longer depend on the mother's circulation and placenta for important physiologic functions. The unit has already set a benchmark in ensuring survival of extreme preterm babies and has established its credentials in saving the smallest and sickest babies weighing up to 500 grams. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has also transported a large number of babies from long distance using its transport service.

Newborn babies who need intensive medical attention are often admitted into a special area of the hospital called the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The NICU combines advanced technology and trained health care professionals to provide specialized care for the tiniest patients. NICUs may also have intermediate or continuing care areas for babies who are not as sick but do need specialized nursing care. Some hospitals do not have the personnel or a NICU and babies must be transferred to another hospital.Some newborn babies will require care in a NICU, and giving birth to a sick or premature baby can be quite unexpected for any parent. Unfamiliar sights, sounds, and equipment in the NICU can be overwhelming. This information is provided to help you understand some of the problems of sick and premature babies. You will also find out about some of the procedures that may be needed for the care of your baby.

  • Meet Our Team

Dr Pradeep Suryawanshi

Department: HOD Neonatology

Appointment : 8007006611

Designation :

  • Professor & Head, Department of Neonatology, BVU Med College, Pune
  • Senior Consultant Neonatologist, Sahyadri Hospital, Pune
  • Chief Patron & Consultant Neonatologist, Noble Hospital, Pune
  • Mentor, Department of Pediatrics, BLDE University, Bijapur
  • Mentor, Navjeen Hospital, KKMF Trust, Pandharpur
  • Mentor, Chaitanya Balrugnalay & Medical centre, Karad
  • Mentor, Chirayu Children’s Critical Care Centre, Jalgaon
  • Mentor, SPAN, Solpaur Pediatric & Neonatal critical Care Mentor, Sparsh Newborn care , Indore
  • Mentor, Niramay Hospital, Satara
  • Mentor, Apple Saraswati Multispeciality Hospital, Kolhapur

Qualifications : M.B.B.S (Gold Medal ), M.D (Ped), D.C.H (Sydney) ,Fellowship in Neonatal Medicine (Australia)

Profile:Dr. Pradeep is a well-known Neonatologist from Pune. He is the first person in India to commence point of care Neonatal Ultrasound and Neonatal Functional Echocardiography. Sir has been trained at Sydney and has an overall experience of more than 15 years in the field of Neonatology.

Dr. Abhay Mahindre

Department: Neo Natal

Appointment : 8007006611


Dr Anil M Khamkar

MBBS, MD Pediatrics Fellowship In Neonatology

Department: Neo Natal

Appointment : 8007006611

Profile: MBBS, MD Paediatrics Fellowship In Neonatology

Dr P D Pote

Department: Neo Natal

Appointment : 8007006611

Profile: M.D.(Pediatrics)