Mohs Surgery: The Potential Applications


With increasing cases of cancer every year, we are still short of the number of treatments available. Skin cancer is one of the common types of cancer that can be malignant or non-malignant. Several procedures like cryosurgery, excision, electro desiccation and curettage and irradiation available are capable of successfully treating these neoplasms with almost 90% success. However, certain remaining tumors along with the recurring ones ask for special attention. In such cases, Mohs Surgery or chemosurgery acts as the most dependable and cost efficient treatment. It is a microscopically operated treatment that can remove skin cancer with complete margin control. The procedure involves the excision of skin cancer at an angle of 45 degrees with further removal of remaining neoplasm using light microscopy. The best part is that the procedure offers minimal destruction of normal tissues.

Today Mohs Surgery in Pune is the most widely used procedure to remove the two most common types of skin cancer: Basal Cell Carcinomas (BCCs) and Squamous Cell Carcinomas (SCCs). The success rates of these two types of treatment are exceptionally high-almost 97% to 99.8 %, far better that the other accepted methods. The process takes place by removing a single layer of tissue at a time. Prior to that, the margins are examined individually for any signs of cancer. If found cancer free, the procedure is ended. Otherwise the procedure goes on the same way until each segment is treated.

It is believed that this procedure may be further used in other areas of cancer and surgeries as well. The Mohs surgery is predicted to have some future applications as well. Some of them are listed below:

Confocal Laser scanning microscope

With the increasing benefits of this procedure, several efforts are made to further improvise the method of Mohs surgery with new inventions. This microscope has been tested to scan and visualize the epidermis and part of dermis on the basis of distinct refractive indices of several parts of the skin. With impressive results till date, the device is under clinical research for its use in Mohs surgery.

Special Stains

Immunostaining is another technique used by many researchers to visualize tumors. Within the inflammation area, certain malignant cells can help uncover the tumors or determine margins clearly through selective labeling.

However, there are certain areas of cancer where the treatment is yet not applicable. The procedure has certain limitations when regarded for tumors other than skin.

  • When talking about the treatment of other cancers such as cervical cancer, prostate cancer or laryngeal cancer etc., Mohs Surgery is said to be successful only if the tumor has not gone beyond the earlier stages and metastasis has not occurred.
  • The second problem faced with this procedure is the elongated procedural time, which may lead to further increase in growth of tumors along with increment in the cost of treatment.

With such wide use of this procedure of Mohs surgery and its slight success in other areas, researchers are hopeful that in the time to come, the procedure may be used for other important surgeries as well. At Noble Hospitals we provide you with the details of all Mohs Surgery treatments and their execution. With our team of specialized doctors and well trained staff, we offer you with the best care and treatment. With further innovations, we continuously try to add as many facilities as possible at affordable costs. We strive to give you the best of all treatments and take pride in our high ethical standards.

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