Message from Managing Director

We’re Setting the Standards in Research & Clinical Care

Dr.Dileep Mane

Managing Director

I would like to personally welcome you to Noble Hospital website, where we hope to provide you with a comprehensive ocean of information to assist you in making well-informed health care decisions for yourself and your family.

At Noble Hospital we provide world-class healthcare facilities within the economic and geographic reach of people. We follow the highest quality of patient care and safety, to make the patient feel that they are in the best healthcare setup.

The institution that is built with a vision – Noble Hospital, a 330 bedded institution steered a revolution and marked the birth of the private healthcare industry in South East Pune.

The technologies here at Noble Hospital are backed by vastly experienced and reputed medical professionals in each field of medicine. The doctors are supported by efficient nurses and paramedical services.

Thereby ensuring that the patient gets a truly world-class healthcare experience. Noble Hospital does its best to give good medical, surgical, and nursing care and advice to each of the patients in an ethical atmosphere of compassion and care. With ability comes even greater responsibility—to extend and widen our embrace of care.

I proudly state that we as a team would add more clinical bandwidth in association with the mother brand. Our commitment to quality healthcare is showcased by the prestigious NABH & cGreen OT accreditations granted to Noble hospital. Our Values Are Leadership, Quality, Innovation, Compassion, and Collaboration.

This is a significant milestone in our journey to extend the embrace of care and compassion; to reach more people; to touch-and save-more lives, overcoming the challenges of geography, economics, and demography.

Please enjoy your visit to our website, and may it be but the first step in your journey towards improved health at Noble Hospital. All the best.

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