Finding and Treating Hemochromatosis


Hemochromatosis is an iron overload disorder which is mainly caused due to hereditary reasons. It might also be caused by metabolic disorders. Hereditary hemochromatosis will have an increased rate of iron absorption in the intestine and gradually increasing deposition of iron in various tissues. The common illnesses that are caused due to hemochromatosis are cirrhosis of liver, cardiomyopathy, arthritis and diabetes. All these illnesses are efficiently treated in Noble Hospitals, Pune. The doctors here are efficient and experienced in treating these disorders. We at Noble Hospitals guarantee world class service to our patients.

Maximum cases of hemochromatosis these days are diagnosed by abnormal blood tests. The blood tests which detect an overload of iron in the body are:

  • Serum transferrin saturation – The test finds out the quantity of iron bound to a protein, which carries iron in our blood. If the values of transferrin are more than 45%, then it is very harmful.
  • Serum ferritin – In this test the quantity of iron stored in the liver is measured. In case the results of the previous test suggest the presence of abnormal amount of transferrin, then the doctors prescribe this ferritin test.

Other testing:

The doctors might prescribe other tests in order to be double sure about the diagnosis. The other tests are:

  • Liver function test – This test helps in detecting liver damage in the patient.
  • MRI – This is a really fast way to detect the degree of overload of iron in the patient’s body. This is also a non-invasive test.
  • Gene mutation tests – The DNA mutations can be tested in case of high iron level in the patient. But before a patient goes for testing his genes, he must consult with his doctor.
  • Removing a liver tissue sample for testing – This process is also called biopsy. The doctor takes out a sample of the liver tissue with the help of a needle. The sample is then tested for abnormality. Tests are conducted in the laboratory to check for evidences of liver damage. Cirrhosis of liver can be detected by the process of biopsy.

Noble Hospital in Pune has the latest medical diagnostic tools available in the world. These tools help in detecting the illness accurately. The medical packages of the hospital are pocket-friendly as well. These operations and tests require an experienced pair of hands to conduct them. The doctors and medical staff of the hospital make sure of that. Thus, Noble Hospitals, Pune is one of the best in the business.

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