• Overview

Do you have a Neuro-muscular disorder that hampers your walking or have you lost a limb due to an accident?

Here at Noble Hospital, We will provide you the best solution and help you to walk again… either with Prosthesis (artificial limb) or with Orthosis (external support).

Department of Prosthetics and Orthotics-

Orthotics deals with design, fabrication, and fitting of orthoses or custom made braces to the people with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal impairments.

  • Treatment

The Orthotic services offered are as follows-

  • Podiatry- foot pressure scanning with state of art French technology with appropriate and cost effective solution – i.e. Customized insoles (by vacuum molding technique).
  • OA knee braces- a economical alternative to Joint replacement surgery in mild to moderate cases
  • Customized seating supports and devices such as corner seat, CP chair
  • Wheelchair modifications and motorized wheelchairs
    • Modified canes, crutches and walkers
    • Customized spinal orthosis, corrective scoliosis orthosis (Milwaukee Brace)
  • Customized Hand Splinting- Airplane splint, Humerus fracture brace, Serial static splinting for contractures
  • Pediatric Orthosis- for CDH, LCPD, CP, CTEV etc.
  • Compression therapy garments

Prosthetics deals with manufacturing and fitting of Prosthesis (artificial limb) to an amputee who has lost his limb due to severe crush injury in an accident, cancer, diabetes, PVD (venous disease) or any other causes.

We fit prosthesis to any level of amputation with following state of art technology-

  • Myoelectric Prosthesis for upper limb amputee
  • Microprocessor knee unit for above knee amputeesHip disarticulation prosthesis
  • Cosmetic silicone prosthesis (finger, ear, nose, toes, breast etc) Patient’s maximum comfort -
  • Advanced socket designs- TSB socket, Ischial Containment socket etc
  • socket liner material- Pedline soft liner, PU, silicone gel liner etc
  • improved socket suspension – by shuttle lock system, Harmony system, vacuum suspension, seal-in liner etc

Come, Let us walk again....

  • Meet Our Team

Dr. Manjusha Garud


Department: Prosthetics Orthotics

Appointment : 8007006611

Dr. Sanjeev Kashyap


Department: Prosthetics Orthotics

Appointment : 8007006611