• Overview

Centre of Excellence for Diabetes and obesity.

Diabetic and obesity has specialized clinic where the specialty care for diabetes is provided by expert consultant on ground floor. Diabetic Clinic of Noble hospital is aimed to provide recent, optimal, diagnostic, preventive rehabilitative & comprehensive Diabetic Care Program.

The Unit is headed by Dr Dileep Mane and Dr Reema Tandle( Kashiva).

Diabetic obesity clinic is headed by Dr Girish Bapat.

Wings of Diabetic Clinic

  • Expert Team - Dr Dileep Mane and Dr Reema Tandle( Kashiva)
  • Diet & Nutrition Department - Dr Sarika Satav
  • Diabetic Eye Unit - Dr Mangesh Lingayat
  • Diabetic Foot Unit - Dr Manjusha Garud
  • Diabetic Diagnostic Unit - Dr Amol Harshe
  • Diabetic Heart Unit - Dr Rahul Sawant
  • Diabetic Kidney Unit - Dr Avinash Ignatius
  • Diabetic Obesity Clinic - Dr Girish Bapat
  • Treatment

Diet department is headed by Dr Sarika Satav & a band of dedicated doctors with constant effort to make people aware about right diet & its advantages in human life.

Individual diet prescription & advise are given to as per patient requirement & body suite.

At every review patient’s diet is analyzed by dietician & adherence to diet is assessed by a scoring system.

Diet lectures are conducted by dietician once in a month.

Diabetic Eye Unit

Eye department of Noble Hospital comprises of 5 Ophthalmologist & 2 technicians.

Unique protocol of screening for Diabetic Retinopathy is adopted.

Every Diabetic patient undergoes retinal examination once in a year.

Over 1000 patients have received Laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy.

Over 1000 diabetic patients have undergone Cataract extraction & IOL implantation.

Diabetic Foot Unit

Routine screening of feet of all diabetics patient is done to detect early foot complications.

Sophisticated Equipments: Doppler test to check blood circulation. Biothesiometery to check sensation of the feet are available.

The team adopts & advice precautionary measures both in terms of treatment, strategies & by way of advising to use customize footwear.

Surgeries like amputation, dehridment & revasculerition are routinely done by expert general surgeon, orthopedic & vascular surgeon.

Diabetic Diagnostic Unit

Department comprises of Therapeutic Cardiology WIng & Preventive & Rehabilitative cardiology wing.

The centre has facilities for computerized ECG, TMT, 2D Echo & well equipped Cath lab serviced by eminent cardiologist of the city.

Round the clock cardiology emergency services can be availed at centre.

Many of our patient are benefited by procedures like PTCA (Angioplasty) & CABG (bypass)

Preventive & Rehabilitative cardiology wing run by Dr Rajiv Adkar helps in prevention of heart disease & rehabilitation of affected patients.

Ultramodern Rehabilitation centre is available on 4th Floor.

Diabetic Kidney Unit

Department (run by DR. Avinash Ignatious) helps in early detection & treatment of diabetic kidney disease.

Hemodialysis facilities are available for end stage renal disease patients.

In-Patient Department

50 bedded well equipped in-patient diabetic department is run by expert team of doctors & nurses.

The unit offers variety of rooms like general ward, semi-private, private, deluxe, super deluxe & suite rooms to suite different budgets.

Intensive Care unit (ICU) & Operation Theatre

65 bedded well equipped ICU is available for critically ill patients.

3 well equipped Operation theatres are available for Diabetic foot surgeries, Cataract surgeries & Cardiac operation theatre for surgeries like bypass is also available.

  • Meet Our Team

Dr. Dileep Mane


Department: Diabetic Clinic

Appointment : 8007006611

Profile:M.D (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Reema Kashiva

Department: Diabetic Clinic

Appointment : 8007006611


Dr. Rahul Dhope

Department: Diabetic Clinic

Appointment : 8007006611

Profile: MBBS, D. Diab.