• Overview

Burns centre is an organized medical system for the TOTAL care of the burned patient.

The Noble Hospital (Annex) burns ICU has a dedicated burns team comprising of highly shelled and experienced Plastic & burns Surgeons, anesthetists and intensivists, trained nurses, physiotherapists, dietician and support staff.

The Noble burns ICU is the only true burns ICU in this entire Maharashtra region which satisfies all the norms of a Burn ICU.

The Noble hospital burns ICU comprises of a 9 beds intensive care setup with Hepafilter and lamina and flow for infection control

The patients are monitored round the clock and there is a central console from which the physicians can keep track of all the patients at the same time.

There is a separate fully equipped burns operation theatre and dressing room with the latest equipment in burns management surgeries like Mesher & electric Dermatome

The patients are directly managed under the supervision of highly experienced Plastic & burn surgeons, intensive care specialists to ensure that the best possible treatment is delivered to the burned patients

The noble burns ICU manage all kinds of burns (household, industrial, thermal, electric or chemical) in all age group of patients.

  • Treatment
Surgical Procedures

One of the most common surgical procedures used to treat burn injuries are skin grafts which involve removing skin from another area of the victim’s body and transferring it to the burned area. When a patient suffers severe burns, doctors often turn to skin banks. Skin banks are similar to blood banks. Grafts from skin banks are used as a temporary covering to protect against infection, reduce pain, reduce fluid loss, and allow the tissues underneath to heal. However, because the body’s immune system recognizes some grafts as being foreign, it rejects the graft in 1 to 3 weeks. It is then removed. Another type of surgical procedure used on burn injuries is called dermabrasion or dermaplaning. Some scars heal differently than others.

Pain Management

Burns often cause some of the most intense and prolonged types of pain. Burn pain is difficult to manage because of its unique characteristics, changing patterns, and various components.

Levels of pain may increase during the treatment of burns as the doctors cleanse wounds and replace dressings. Studies show that the management of burn pain can be inadequate requiring more aggressive treatments for pain.

  • Meet Our Team

Dr. Rajendra G. Gandhi

Plastic Surgeon

Appointment : 8007006611

Education: MBBS (M.S University, Baroda) MS (General surgery) from M.S University, Baroda, M.Ch (Plastic surgery) from M.S University, Baroda

Specialty: Plastic Surgery

Experience: 30 years

Dr. Abhishek Ghosh

Consultant - Burn ICU and Plastic Surgery

Appointment : 8007006611

Specialty: Burn ICU and plastic surgery


  • MBBS from B.J.Medical College, Pune, 2001
  • DNB - General Surgery - Poona Hospital & Research Centre, 2006
  • M.Ch - Plastic Surgery
  • Fellowship - Microvascular and Cosmetic Surgery - Specialists Hospital, Kochi, 2012

Work experience:

Dr. Abhishek has experience of about 10 Years in the field of plastic surgery and burns ICU. He is a practicing Consultant Burn ICU and Plastic Surgery in Noble Hospital, Pune. Apart from this he is working with -

  • Burn ICU and Plastic Surgery, Consultant- Noble Hospital, Pune
  • Plastic Surgery, Consultant- Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital, Pune
  • Plastic Surgery, Consultant- Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Plastic Surgery, Consultant- Rejuvenate Clinic, NIBM, Pune