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When we think about anesthesia, we tend to think immediately about general anesthesia. With general anesthesia, the patient is left down for the count with a lack of awareness and feeling. Depending on how extensive a procedure or surgery, this tends to be the preferred type of anesthesia by medical professionals for these procedures and surgeries.

There are ways to reduce the inherent risks that are often associated with general anesthesia. First, as a patient, you should discuss alternative options with your doctor or team of doctors. You may be a candidate for local anesthesia or regional anesthesia. Second, if possible, you should meet with your anesthesiology in pune team to understand the risks that might be specific to your age and pre-existing health conditions. This will enable you to get a clearer picture as it relates specifically to you. Third, you will want to know if any of your immediate family members and even extended family members has ever reacted badly to anesthesia. Although it happens infrequently, there can be an inherited genetic predisposition to have dangerous responses to anesthesia, and you should now this. Fourth, make sure you share any information obtained through point three with your nursing team, your anesthesiologist and your surgical team. In case you have ever personally had a reaction to anesthesia, ensure the entire team is informed, and make sure they thoroughly understand you. This may mean that you need to tell them over and over again, but do not feel apprehensive about it. It is your health. Finally, it is imperative that you thoroughly follow all the instructions concerning food and water the night before your procedure or surgery. Normally, with general anesthesia, you will be advised not to consume food or drink water after midnight. In case of any slip-up, tell the surgical staff promptly as your procedure or surgery may need to be rescheduled due to the risks it may pose to you with general anesthesia.

Another type of anesthesia is local anesthesia. With local anesthesia, a particular part of the body is targeted and results in lack of feeling. This is commonly used with oral surgery with a tooth or multiple teeth and the nearby gums not able to feel after the local anesthesia.

With regional anesthesia, an area of the body is left numb by inhibiting nerve impulses between that area or part of the body and the spinal cord. This is most often employed as spinal anesthesia or epidural anesthesia.

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