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Eye Surgery in Pune

Noble Hospital is committed to provide the highest quality of "Eye Care". We aim to combine cutting edge technology with professional expertise, compassion and dignity to deliver the best results. The Ophthalmology department at Noble Hospital is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art eye care ranging from routine eye examinations to complex surgical procedures. The department also performs refractions, prescribes corrective lenses and performs other tests to help maintain good vision.

Many sight threatening diseases if detected early can be cured or treated to prevent or slow the progression of serious vision loss. The most important step in preventing visual loss is by routine examination of eyes by a qualified eye care professional. Children should receive their first comprehensive eye examination before the age of four unless problems warrant an earlier examination. Immediate care is required if there is visual change, pain, flashes of light, new floaters, injury or tearing etc.

Persons with diabetes are at greater risk for several eye disorders including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataract, and should have eye examination every year or as per their doctor's advice. Asians are more at risk of glaucoma and should have regular check up after 40 years of age especially with positive family history of glaucoma.

Facilities at Noble Hospital include :

  • Comprehensive eye care with state of the art equipment
  • Topical phacoemulsification with Intra ocular lens implants for cataract where no anesthesia is given and the patient can walk home immediately after the procedure
  • Glaucoma workup and surgeries
  • Refractable surgeries to treat myopia and hypopia
  • Other facilities include treatment of retinal disorders and squint surgeries
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