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Oncology Treatment in Pune

Medical Oncology / Surgical pune,Medical Oncology / Surgical
"Cancer is curable if detected early and treated properly!”
Cancer has become our number one enemy. Very difficult to fight but possible to win! The battle with cancer needs people  Awareness, Screening, early Detection, aggressive Treatment and proper Follow-up.
There is explosive increase in number of cancers in our society. The reasons are many: poor food habits, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, pollution so on and so forth. More than 60% cancers we detect are found in advanced and incurable stage due to neglect, various cultural practices, lack of awareness and knowledge and lack of facilities.
In keeping with our promise to our patients, we have started a state of the art Oncology Center in Noble Hospital. It is designed keeping in mind all the above facts and to provide all cancer related services at one place, under one roof.
The facility includes key oncology services like Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology Consultation and Palliative Medicine along with ultramodern Laboratory and Diagnostic Facilities.
The OPD Complex is located on 6th floor of Noble Hospital. You will be welcomed by our smiling and helpful receptionist in a  modern , cozy, air-conditioned waiting area. The OPD Complex has 3 OPD suites where patients can consult with our team of cancer experts.
The Medical Oncology has 11 bedded day care ward and can administer all advanced chemotherapy treatments with expertise and care. We have a Type II Biosafety Cabinet for chemotherapy administration which provides our patients the best and safest chemotherapy treatment. The nursing staff in this ward is carefully chosen and trained to administer chemotherapy. The ward includes Isolation beds for treatment of leukemia, lymphoma, febrile neutropenia etc.
The Surgical Oncology is equipped with ultra-modern Operation Theatres backed up by a modern ICU. All advanced cancer surgeries are routinely done by our team of expert surgeons.
We also have Radiation Oncology Consultation available in our OPD Complex. Palliative Care Medicine takes care of all advanced cancers with are not curable and need symptomatic treatment.
Our Onco-Pathology Department has all modern facilities for prompt and correct diagnosis of cancer. We also have ancillary services like dietician, psychologist, physiotherapy and rehabilitation etc which play a vital role in  successful cancer treatment. We also have Clinical Research wing which makes all innovations in oncology available to our patients through Clinical Trials.
We also conduct regular academic activities for medical practitioners to help them attain skills for domiciliary management of cancer patients.
You can rest assured that your loved ones are in safe and expert hands!
Dr Padmaj Kulkarni
Department of Oncology,
Noble Hospital.

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Cancer treatment involves three main treatment modalities, along with lot of supportive treatment options.
Medical Oncology:
This involves treatment of cancer with medicines, called as Chemotherapy. The drugs can be tablets or injections to be taken intravenously. It can be given alone or as supplement to surgery or radiation to increase the success rates.
The chemotherapy administration requires thorough consideration of type of cancer, histology, stage, fitness, blood tests, cost of drugs, social and financial status of the patient to choose proper therapy. This is done by a Medical Oncologist who uses his expertise to choose the best and safest treatment for his patient.
The advances in science has helped us with many newer and safer drugs which are more effective in controlling cancer and are safe. There are also targeted therapy which are “missile precise” in killing the cancer. Improvement in supportive care drugs also has made the chemotherapy a lot tolerable and safer.
Chemotherapy administration needs establishing proper intravenous access. Long term devises like Hickman Catheter, PORT and PICC ease chemotherapy administration. It also needs expert nursing staff to administer the drugs as per the instructions and expertise to manage life-threatening complications.

Surgical Oncology:
This is the treatment of choice for most early and locally advanced cancers . Cancer surgery needs to be sufficiently radical and needs to be done by a cancer surgeon. He decides the type of surgery considering the type and stage of cancer, fitness, various reports etc. He can decide to take help of medical or radiation oncologist, either before or after the surgery, to increase the cure rates.
The options of organ preservation like breast conservation, larynx conservation, limb salvage are increasingly possible to improve the quality of life of the patient. The plastic and reconstructive surgery or “Oncoplastic Surgery” is again a boon to function preservation and cosmetic improvement post-surgery.
Usage of various implants like knee or hip prosthesis, laryngeal prosthesis etc have significantly reduced the morbidity of most advanced cancer surgeries. Expert nursing staff trains the patients on management of tracheostomy, colostomy or ileostomy. Physiontherapy and rehabilitation services help the patient for early ambulation and function preservation.
Radiation Oncology:
It involves treatment of cancer using radiation therapy. Traditionally, this is done in daily fractions, over few weeks. Radiation oncologist plans the treatment considering the type of cancer, stage and CT scan. The actual treatment is administered with the help of a Computer and linear accelerator.
This treatment can be given as the sole treatment or in combination with chemotherapy. It can also be given prior to surgery, in locally advanced cancers, to make the surgery possible. It is the mainstay of treatment of brain tumors. It can also be used for palliation of pain, to stop bleeding due to cancer etc.
The treatment is generally done on OPD basis, 5 days a week. The patient needs to go to the Radiation Unit each day and can return home after the treatment, which usually takes few minutes.
Palliative Medicine:
All patients with cancer need symptom control. In advanced stages, the cancer may not respond to radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. Also, he may not be fit for these aggressive treatments. Palliative medicine deals with management of these patients. It involves symptomatic management of these patients, counseling of the patient and the family, providing psychological support, pain management, breaking bad news, dealing with end of life issues and bereavement.
It tries to make sure that each cancer patient gets the respect and dignity he deserves!

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  1. Dr Padmaj S Kulkarni
  2. Dr Minish Jain
  3. Dr Sonali Sahu
  4. Dr Shailesh Shende
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