Medical Tourism
Medical tourism
International Patient Services
Noble Hospital recognizes that International Patients have special needs and requirements. In order to provide a highly specialized service, we offer seamless patient services of world-class quality. From the warmth of our greeting at the airport, to your registration and discharge, we have created an unparalleled service centre.
Medical tourism packages
Cost Comparison
Cost Comparison - India Vs Other Countries
Sr. No. Procedure India U. S U.K Singapore Malaysia Thiland
In US $ In US $ In US $ In US $ In US $ In US $
1 Coronary Angioplasty 4800+stent 57000 52000 13000 12000 13000
2 CABG Package 5800 70000 to 1,33,000 90000 17000 13100 23500
3 MVR (Mitral Valve Replacement) Surgery 6800+valve 75,000 to 1,40,000 95000 23500 15000 25000
4 Total 'Knee Replacement 4800+inplant 45000 37000 10500 13000 12000
5 Hip Replacement 4800 45000 35000 13000 9000 12700
6 Kidney Transplant 18500 65000 76000 38000 32000 37000
7 Shoulder Replacement 4800 45000 37000 13000 10000 12700
8 Spine Surgery 6800 40000 37000 18500 14000 15000
9 Bone Marrow Transplant 1800 200000 200000 75000 67000 70000
10 Prostate surgery (TURP procedure) 1800 15000 12000 6000 5500 5300
11 Gastric bypass 6800 45000 42000 17000 13500 14100
12 Cataract Surgery 800 2500 2500 1800 1450 1500
13 Face Lift 5000 16000 13500 7500 7000 6500
14 Breast Reduction 3500 11000 13000 8000 7500 5000
15 Breast Augmentation 3500 11000 12000 8000 7500 5000
Our Services include:
•    Airport transfer Service
•    Scheduling of all medical appointments
•    Coordination of the admissions process
•    Cost estimates for anticipated treatment
•    Processing of medical second opinions
•    Booking of Hotel/Service Apartments
•    Flight Arrangements & Extensions / Visa Assistance
•    Provide Language Interpreters
•    Special dietary needs / religious arrangements
•    Local Sightseeing
•    Foreign Exchange
•    Remote Consultations via Telemedicine
•    Providing news & information of patient's relatives back home
Step 1
Get in touch with our Team: Your way to good health begins here. All you have to do is get in touch with the Noble hospital Team. You can email us your query and/or medical reports in order to get an advice from our experts. Your medical reports can be sent to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Step 2
48 hour response time:
We aim to respond to your query within 48 hours. Our feedback will include your treatment plan, days of stay in India, and a quote for your treatment. If the concerned doctor feels that he/she needs to know more or view recent reports, we will communicate to you accordingly.

Step 3
Telephonic Conversation with our Experts:
If the situation demands, we also arrange for a telephonic conversation with our experts.

Step 4
Make arrangements for your travel:
When you have decided to travel, make sure all your travel documents and medical records are in order, they must include:

•    Your passport
•    A Medical Visa
•    Other photo identifications
•    Carry all your previous medical records. Include all test reports and surgery reports, treatment records, and laboratory results.
•    All films / CD’s (for example, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, angiograms) along with relevant reports.
•    Prescriptions for any medications that you must take regularly and bring them with you. Some medications may not be approved for distribution in India and we may need to identify the generic version.
•    Keep your local doctor informed about your travel, so you can get back to him for follow up care.

Step 5
Keep us informed on your arrival schedule:
We will need to have information at least 48 Hours prior to your arrival in India. This is to make necessary arrangements like your transport, appointments, Room Reservations, etc.

Step 6
Arrive In India:
Noble Hospital will make arrangements for receiving you at the airport or your point of arrival.

Step 7
Your stay in India:
Our team will make arrangements for your stay at Hotels/Resorts that are conveniently located to the hospital and your personal preference.

Step 8
Admission/Planning of Treatment or Surgery:
You will be provided with a one point contact at our hospital and personalized care at every step of your stay with us.

Step 9
As your treating expert takes a decision of discharging you from the Hospital, you will either be guided to your Hotel or the airport. We will hand over all copies of your medical reports that come in handy for follow up care.

Step 10
Post Procedural Follow-up:
(Via email/phone/web/video conferencing): Once you are back in your country of residence, your follow up care can be made via email/phone/web or video conferencing. Your treating doctor at Noble Hospital will be made available for your follow up care.

Our Core Specialties
•    Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery
•    Obesity Treatment
•    Total Hip Replacement
•    Total Knee Replacement
•    Spine Surgery
•    Advanced Neuro Surgery
•    Advanced Pediatrics
•    Cosmetic Surgery
•    Dental Care
•    Cataract Surgery
•    Urology and Stone Management.
•    Gastroenterology & Endoscopy.

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